Jig & Fixtures / OEM
/ Automation


Since Micron Concept was established in 1999, jig and fixtures support was the origin business of the company. In the length of 5 years, Micron Concept began diversifying into O.E.M. industry and Automation industry. In 2005, our sister company, Micron Concept Automation was established to serve the machine assembly industry. With the excellent product quality and support given to our customers, we are continuously improving ourselves to fully meet the needs of our customers by understanding and providing quick respond to their requirements.

Micron Concept also provides reverse engineering services to our customer to help solve any of their problems. Micron Concept has a close relationship with heat treatment and coating suppliers. This allows us to provide excellent quality for this service too. To date, Micron Concept have been providing one-stop machining solution services to our customers over the world such as Australia, America, China, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Thailand.