In Micron Concept, the engineering team is the main key success of the company's development and business. The engineering team is highly experience and was with Micron Concept since it was first established. The engineering team has grown together with the company and had faced many different challenges beginning with the jig & fixtures support up till the aerospace components. The company will continue to grow and expand into areas for better development and product quality.

Our engineering department is responsible for all technical challenges occur internally
and externally. The department ensures the accuracy and repeatability of a mechanism
or process to increase the overall product precision control. Our engineering team has an extensive precision engineering experience that spans the Aerospace, Oil and Gas and many more.

Our engineering team studies the cycle time required for the customer's product and will decide to manufacture those products with the most effective and efficient way while providing the best quality. The team also upholds industry codes & standard as well as regulatory & statutory requirement whenever applicable. Our team takes the proactive approach in product and process engineering to develop the process with proper configuration management and risk management.

The early participation of our engineering team in the development process resulted in good quality products that meet the customer's requirements.

Micron Concept's engineering team having proven capability in developing prototype products as well as continual improvement. Our engineering team will and always provides the best quality to the customer at a competitive price.