Quality Control


In Micron Concept, quality and customer satisfaction is our main objective. In order to achieve the objective, a strict quality assurance guideline for all of its products and services has been implemented. Our quality control teams are well equipped and trained with many years of experience to provide confidence of the product which always fulfill the customer's requirements. Throughout the years, our quality performance has become one of the main reason for the company continual growth and expansion.

Our team has various type of equipment such as CMM, Height Gauge, Non Contact Smart Scope, Profile Projector, Hardness Tester, thickness gauge and many more. With the continuous growth of the company, our team will continue investing in more high-end equipments to make the whole quality control system more robust and directly improve on customer confident level.

Our AS9100 Certification is a reflection of our continual commitment and effort in providing highest quality product to meet customer requirement as well as to continue excellence in execution of its quality systems and its commitment to the customer it serves.